Introduction to CloudsIntel -A kickstart to your Cloud Journey | Click2Cloud Inc.

Awareness about the potential and scope of the cloud has significant importance for modern businesses. To make an informed decision about whether moving to the cloud is the right choice for you, you need to amplify the benefits, costs, risks, and approaches involved while migrating your infra or workloads to the cloud.

Successful transition to the cloud requires a deep understanding of the systems that will be involved in your journey. Thorough knowledge of your applications, inventories, and infrastructure is necessary to determine how well they map to the cloud and what kinds of cloud resources they will need while transitioning.

With such sufficient knowledge about inventory and cost estimates of source and destination, users can define their Roadmap precisely by identifying the exact workload, the team who can work on it with proper timelines for migrating to the cloud.

All these automated cloud assessment activities will help you to differentiate which cloud solution is right for your business, identify the cost-benefit of migrating to the cloud, and understand the approach and timelines of moving to the cloud.

CloudsIntel Discovery and Assessment is an initial step for your cloud migration journey. It helps answer the most confusing queries like ‘what to move, where to move it, and why move it in the first place. With such insights in hand, you can start your migration plan with emphasis on ‘what to do first and how to make it happen’.

Once you have all the information of your inventory’s assessment, CloudsBrain offers you some useful modules for your further computing operations:

1. Orchestration Studio

This module will help you create the Infrastructure you require at the destination cloud with an automated approach. CloudsBrain orchestrations manage the interconnection and interaction amongst workloads on public and private clouds. It provides high availability, scalability, disaster recovery, and numerous other tasks into a single module that can effectively reduce team efforts.

2. Migration Studio:

This will help you to turn your migration plans into reality. CloudBrain Migration is an ideal solution for migration needs to become agile, competitive, reduced server footprint with improved performance, and flexibility without risking business disruption, security, compliance, and performance.

3. Cost Manager:

Once your workloads are in the cloud, CloudsBrain Cost Manager can help you to manage your Cloud costs with billing, budget management, and optimization best practices that will improve ROI and mitigate risk. It can save overall cloud cost spends, optimization and budget management, automation, cost governance, cost visibility, cost ownership, budgets, and TCO.

Hence, kickstart your migration journey today with CloudsIntel to excel in Cloud World!

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