Integration of Alibaba Cloud as a Back End in SODA Foundation Multi-Cloud with CloudsBrain

Before the integration of the Alibaba Gelato project of OpenSDS does not support the object management on the OSS service of Alibaba.
This blog embellishes the integration and Click2Cloud contribution with Alibaba cloud as a back end in OpenSDS/ multi-cloud.
The Gelato project of the SODA Foundation supports object operation performance, lifecycle management, and object management for different cloud vendors like AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Huawei, YIG, and Ceph.
Alibaba cloud as a back end in OpenSDS multi-cloud project integration helps in object operation, lifecycle management. Users can perform in-cloud and cross-cloud migration for Alibaba cloud using the Gelato project for Alibaba OSS (object storage service) service.
OpenSDS is an open-source community working to address storage integration challenges, particularly in scale-out cloud-native environments with heterogeneous storage platforms.
Below mentioned is the architecture of the integration of Alibaba cloud in OpenSDS/ multi-cloud.

Fig: Architecture of Integration of Alibaba cloud in OpenSDS/ multi-cloud

Alibaba cloud object storage service (OSS) helps users to conduct operations related to bucket and object storage in simple ways. Alibaba OSS adapter helps the user with:

For a multi-cloud data engine, the team sketched the architecture diagram that presents the ability to migrate data across multiple clouds. The multi-cloud architecture diagram defines the concept of multi-cloud in OpenSDS clearly. Also, the user will be able to migrate its bucket from any OpenSDS supported public cloud or local storage to Alibaba cloud.

Let us see some of the significance of architecture diagrams:

Features of Click2Cloud contribution with Alibaba cloud as a back end in OpenSDS/ multi-cloud.


Earlier, users were not able to perform object related operations for Alibaba Object Storage Service on Multi-Cloud Project of SODA (i.e. Gelato Project). Click2Cloud has committed to extend the OpenSDS capabilities for Data Storage and Migration for a multi-cloud design and multi-cloud providers. Contribution with Alibaba in integration as backend in OpenSDS leads to a solution to many cloud storage vendors to come up with object storage management issues.

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